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A recent study of more than 500 leaders showed that those who demonstrated visionary leadership had the highest performing teams. Leaders with good management, but no vision, had average performing teams. Leaders weak in both management and vision, had poor performing teams.

What does this tell us? That leadership not only matters, but that visionary leadership is vital to the success, prosperity and even survival of businesses and organizations.

"Our country cries out for leadership at the business level and the political level. Lack of leadership is the biggest problem we have in making this nation competitive." - Ross Perot

The truth is that every organization needs leaders at every level. According to John Kotter, Harvard Business School Professor and nationally regarded leadership expert, "Leadership is no longer just the domain of the CEO or a few top managers, but is increasingly needed in virtually all managerial jobs... Today, we need many more and better leaders, broad people with vision and confidence. Without these people, there is no way we can continue to prosper. In some of our businesses, without them, we won't even survive."

Leadership is the ability to get others to willingly follow. And, if you don't have a vision for where you or your organization are going, then neither will any of those who are supposed to be following.

With more than 40 years of executive senior leadership and faith based experience, President and CEO, Jim Boyle, has built Summit Leadership Solutions based on a deep passion for helping leaders serve effectively, and honor their core values. He provides leadership coaching, development and consulting services to health care organizations, physicians, church leaders and pastors and boards of directors.

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